Monday, January 25, 2010

New friends and adventures

On 1/13 we had a knock on our door and there were two Americans standing there looking for witnesses/Kingdom Hall/meetings. Meet Greg and Liz Perkins from Chicago (pics above with us in our garage). They pioneered in Guatamala for 10 years and have been to Sierra Leone, Chile, Dominican Republic on international construction work. We hit it off immediately. They met someone on the street who gave them our address (thinking Bill and Gayle still lived here). Tom wasn't home, but I invited them in and asked them to stay for dinner-our first official guests. They left us the next day but came back on 1/22 (because we are so irresistable maybe?) and stayed with us until we took them to the airport on Sunday.
Off to San Miguel (1 hr. south of us) on 1/19 to apply for FM-3s with the Evans. Had a great lunch at Hecho in Mexico. Should have FM-3s the end of February, at which point Tom can head off to Brownsville to get our trailer of furniture, etc. We won't feel officially moved in until we have our stuff.
Tom and Corban talked with a pizza delivery guy who spoke English and they offered him a Bible study, which he accepted. First study was Thursday and it was like a demo at an assembly. He wanted to know how long he had to study before he could go to the Kingdom Hall.
Went to Leon/Guanajuato (2 hrs. west) on 1/22 to go leather shopping, Home Depot and Costco (believe it or not). Stocked up on groceries we can't get in Dolores.

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